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This page lists some of the items currently for sale through ARNSW disposals. Any items not sold beforehand will be on display and available at our next Trash and Treasure event.

New items will be added to this page as they come in. It is advisable to check this page regularly, so as not to miss out on any bargains. Any equipment offered for disposal will have been bench/air tested, its general condition and any known faults will be mentioned. All equipment is from nonsmoking owners unless otherwise noted.

Transmitting equipment will only be sold to persons holding an appropriate Australian Licence. In the disposals process the Disposals Officer's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Due to the number of items reserved but never purchased a deposit is required to reserve equipment for collection. Minimum Deposit is $50 or the full sale price for items costing less than $50. Equipment is not considered sold until payment is made in full.

If you are interested in any of the equipment listed here, you can contact the Disposals Officer by email to and he will contact you. Please note, that we cannot accept offers by phone.

If you require assistance from ARNSW to sell any equipment, then please check out our estate and equipment purchase page. Full contact details for our office are listed Here.

Equipment currently being offered for sale

Yaesu FT DX 3000 HF and 6m all mode transceiver.

July 2012 build date. In excellent condition little used.

Complete with manual, microphone, Yaesu box and power cable.

Price $1900.

Icom IC-7410 HF and 6m all mode transceiver

This transceiver is in excellent condition and fully working.

Complete with SM-30 desk microphone and power cable.

Price $1100.

Kenwood TS-870 HF transceiver.

This TS 870 is in good condition with 2 non-standard knobs and some slight scuff marks on top

The TS 870 is fully working

Complete with hand microphone and power cable.

Price $950.

VK2CD Mojo Screwdriver antenna complete with whip.

Please see  for details

In good condition.

Price $250.

Kenwood TS430S station. 

TS-430S HF Transceiver.

SP-430 Speaker.

AT-250 Automatic antenna tuner and cables.

Complete with Microphone and power cable.

All three are tested and working.

Cosmetic condition is fair with the cover paint showing its age and use with some scuff marks and scratches. 


Yaesu FT-480R 2m all mode transceiver.

The Ft-480R is a 10W SSB, CW and FM 2m transceiver with dual VFOs and repeater offset.

The transceiver is in good condition for its age and fully working.

Complete with power cable and microphone.


Icom IC91AD Dstar Hand Held Transceiver

This transceiver is in very good condition and fully working.

Complete with hand microphone and power cable.

Price $325.

250W 50Ω load resistor and clamp.

These resistors were removed from surplus TV transmitter power combiners.

The specification for the resistor is 250W CW at a maximum heatsink temperature of 100ºC.

A conservative rating on a large heatsink such as an Altronics H0545 would be 150W.

For full power the heatsink would need to have a thermal resistance of less than 0.4º/W and fan cooling.

With the resistor mounted in a heatsink and with a short (3mm) connection an N connector the SWR was measured as being <1.1 at 1.3GHz

Price $10 each.

600W 50Ω load resistor and clamp set.

These resistors were removed from surplus TV transmitter power combiners.

The specification for each resistor is 250W CW at a maximum heatsink temperature of 100ºC.

Each pair of resistors consists on one resistor with a tab for one terminal and the flange for the other. The second resistor has both terminals as tabs.

Connecting these resistors in series gives 100Ω and connecting two sets of resistors in parallel then gives 50Ω.

A set mounted on a heatsink in with very short connections was then connected to an N connector with a short length of coax and measured.

The SWR was 1.3:1 at 470MHz

Note the heatsink is NOT supplied.

Price $40 each

Classic HP 141T spectrum analyser.

This old classic comes with the 110MHz RF module.

The 110MHz analyser package has been tested and is working.

Price is $350.

Leader LSG-11 signal generator.

One for the collectors. A near new LSG11 with the box and manual.

In good working order.

Price $50.

Leader LDM-815 Dip Meter.

In good working order .

Price $50.