ARNSW Equipment

The following items are for sale through ARNSW disposals. Any items not sold beforehand will be on display and available at our next Trash and Treasure event to be held at the Dural site at 63 Quarry Rd Dural, on Sunday the 30th of November 2014 from 9.30AM.

New items will be added to this page as they come to hand. It is advisable to check this page regularly, so as not to miss out on any bargains.

Amateur transmitting equipment will only be sold to persons holding an appropriate Australian License. In the disposals process the "Disposals" Officer's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Any equipment offered for disposal will have been bench/air tested, it's general condition and any known faults will be mentioned. All equipment is from nonsmoking owners unless noted in the advertisement.

Due the the number of items reserved but never purchased a deposit is required to reserve equipment for collection. Minimum Deposit is $50 or the full sale price for items costing less than $50. Equipment is not considered sold until payment is made.

If you are interested in any of the equipment listed here, you can contact ARNSW by phoning the office on (02) 9651 1490 and leaving a message with your contact details. You can also email details directly to the Disposals Officer at and he will contact you.

If you require assistance from ARNSW to sell any equipment then please check out our estate and equipment purchase page Here.

Full contact details for our office are listed Here.

Yaesu FT-897D transceiver and LDG AT-897 auto ATU.
This FT 897D and ATU are in very good condition with little use.
Fully working with power cable, all interconnection cables between the transceiver and ATU and hand microphone.
ATU and transceiver sold together.
Price $1150.

Alinco DR-635 dual band FM transceiver.
In very good condition and fully working.
Sold with separation kit, power cable and microphone.
Price $380.

Yaesu FT-897 transceiver.
Not the D version.
This FT 897 is in good condition.
Fully working with power cable and hand microphone.
Price $750.

PowerTech MP3080 13.8V 40A power supply.
This power supply is in good condition and fully working.
Price $100.

Icom IC 7000 HF to UHF transceiver.
This IC 7000 is in very good condition and looks as if it has had very little use.
Tested fully working. Complete with power cable, microphone and box.
Price $1050.

Diawa CN 720 HF power meter.
This power meter covers 20W to 1000W full scale and is in good condition, fully working.
Price $100.

MFJ 815B HF Power Meter
Two ranges 200/2000W forward and 50/500W reflected.
Tested OK and in fair condition
Price $75.

Emtron EAT 300 200W antenna tuner.
The EAT300 is a 200W T match (transmatch) type wide range HF antenna tuner with built in SWR meter.
Fully working and in fair condition
Price $100.

Trio (Kenwood) PF-810 multifunction HF power meter.
This power meter has power ranges of 5, 25 and 100W and measures power and SWR. An antenna selector allow one of 2 antennas to be selected.
Tested working and in good condition
Price $75.

BWD 262 DC power supply.
0-12V 2A, 0-25V 1A and 0-50V 0.5A, variable voltage and current limit.
In good working order.
Price $50.

HMV “LITTLE Nipper” transistor broadcast radio.
In good condition and working.
Price $15.

BWD 539C dual channel 15MHz oscilloscope.
In good condition and working with a bright trace
Complete with probes
Price $40.

Realistic sound level meter.
In good condition and working
Price $30.

Satellite terminals.
Voice Data 1.5GHz Inmarsat terminals with antenna and cable.
ARNSW has about 30 of these consisting of the white box containing the transceiver and power supply (13.8V 4A)

The antenna:

With low noise receive amplifier and power amplifier on the rear of the antenna:

And interconnection cable of RG-223 (double screened RG58)
All this for $15 each.
Note collect only from Dural too difficult to post.