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Contact Details ( NSW Office)
         The ARNSW office and member services are now established at our VK2WI site at Dural NSW.

Office : ARNSW,
63 Quarry Road, Dural  NSW  2158  Australia

Postal:  ARNSW, PO Box 6044, Dural Delivery Centre, NSW  2158

Email: Our email address is This email address acknowledges your message and passes it along to the appropriate person

Telephone: 02 9651 1490  (normally goes to a message bank which is checked regularly)   
Fax: 02 9651 1661   

Please MAIL completed Membership forms to our Post Box address. Forms emailed or Faxed often do not transmit clearly and also "sit" in the PC or FAX until someone actually attends to the machine. It is also more secure and private when cheques or credit card details are submitted by mail.

Office Hours: As our office is currently not attended on a regular basis during the week, Foundation Licence Manuals and CallBooks can be picked up on Sunday morning, but only by prior arrangement.
News and Information for the VK2WI Broadcast
             Although our office is not staffed through the week, the mail, phones and FAX are checked regularly, however could you please get the items in as early in the week as you can so that we get a chance to process them for the weekend.
             Items for inclusion in the VK2WI Broadcasts are best emailed to our news team at , your email will be acknowledged and passed along to the News Editor.
Note: If you would like to report to VK2WI on any aspects of the broadcast (reception reports or difficulties) please send your report to otherwise leave a message at the office. If you urgently need to contact us regarding the transmissions, call on the 02 9651 1489  (VK2WI voice line) to contact the duty engineer.

Membership and Renewals
           Please go HERE for information on Membership and Renewals. If at any time you simply wish to check the expiry date of your membership or advise us of a change in your personal particulars please either send a letter to our P.O Box address or email our Membership Officer at

Trash and Treasure or Disposals Sales
Disposals Sale information can be found HERE . Or please contact our Disposals Officer at if you have equipment for disposal.

Contact Details (Dural VK2WI Transmitter Site)
ARNSW are in the progress of upgrading the facilities on our Dural site, with new buildings and facilities, to provide enhanced services to members and visitors. We make the weekly VK2WI news broadcasts, hold our regular Trash and Treasure events and have the Homebrew Technical Meetings at this facility. Our various beacons and repeaters also run from here.

Address : ARNSW (VK2WI), 63 Quarry Road, Dural  NSW  2158
The site is just north of the round-about at Dural, turn right at the lights into Quarry Rd, about 2Km along on your left look for the transmitting tower .

Telephone : 02 9651 1489  (VK2WI voice line)
             The phone line into the transmitter building is there mainly for the safety of the broadcast crew. However on Sundays mornings listeners may phone on this line to advise of errors or omissions in the broadcast, VK2WI transmission faults or genuine emergencies. On Trash and Treasure or Special Event days use this number to request transport from the local bus stop.
          Please note that only on Sundays during holiday breaks can news items be submitted on the VK2WI voice line. These items are only broadcast if authorized by a Senior Broadcast staffer or an ARNSW Councilor, all items must be authenticated before going to air. At other times all News and Reports are to be submitted through our office
using mail, FAX or phone contact and the news team email address of  As mentioned above there is an answering machine on our office phone line.

     Access to this site on non-event days is severely restricted, any arrangements for deliveries or pick-ups MUST be made through our office or with one of the ARNSW Councillors.

     During event days there is plenty of parking on site, usually a BBQ and a friendly cup of tea/coffee in the new Centenary Building. At other times the facilities are open only whilst making broadcasts or carrying out maintenance on the equipment or grounds.

     If you need to get to our Sunday events by public transport, check HERE for details.