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About the ARNSW Radio Experimenters Group

The group welcomes ARNSW as well as visitors, to explore the practical side of Electronics and Amateur Radio. The group also brings together other interests of members, such as Model Engineering, Photography, Model Airplanes/helicopters, Bush Walking and of course Computers.

When working on an individual or group project, we explore the idea right from initial design stages, through construction and to the finished and tested item. Quite often members will discover an alternate use for the whole or parts of a project, for instance if someone comes up with a nice digital display or oscillator circuit it can often be incorporated in another project (why re-invent the wheel).

Our members work on everything from DC through to audio and into RF. For some of us any project bigger than a box of matches (what are they ??) is akin to "boat anchor gear" (something you anchor a boat with). Others are into microwave equipment - for them anything below 70cm is like "DC".

Often our members are still in the workforce though many of them are retired or semi-retired, they come from a wide range of industry and business areas. It is truly amazing the range of knowledge available at our meetings. Their own personal work areas vary - from kitchen table to very extensive and well equipped workshops. Another club a few of us belong to is interested in Fox Hunting (the radio kind) so we can help them with antennas and the switched attenuator for their project. Some of our members "in the trade" can often organize bulk purchase of parts for our projects, whilst another member can arrange PCB's at a very reasonable cost.

Monthly on-air Net

Nets are on the third Tuesday of each month, starting from 8pm on the Dural 2 metre repeater, 147.0MHz and then at about 8:30pm will transfer over to HF. Depending upon conditions, the net may be on either 80m or 40m. The 80m frequency is 3686.4 kHz and the 40m frequency is 7159kHz – both of which are cheap crystal frequencies. As well as store bought equipment, participants are encouraged to use homebrewed equipment on AM, DSB or SSB.

Bi-Monthly meetings at Dural

Meetings are currently suspended until further notice. Please listen to VK2WI News bulletins for updates.

Contact Us

Peter VK2EMU is the group co-ordinator, so if you would like to give a talk on a subject or need help with something, then contact him before a meeting or you can always have a chat with him at a meeting.
Also if you are working on a project or repairing a piece of gear and need some help or a special piece of test gear, contact Peter as we can often arrange access to quite a bit of specialist test equipment, with suitable notice, in time for a meeting.
You can contact Peter at the group's email address