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A number of members have requested ARNSW T-shirts. This can be a complex task, selecting a product to meet members' fashion sense, purchasing and holding stock, and selling them.

The alternative is to use an online just-in-time manufacturing process, where the member deals directly with the manufacturer, selecting the style of the product from a wide range of options, pay for it, and have it delivered to their preferred address.

This has been done, at no cost to ARNSW. The system means that the buyer can not only order shirts, but sweatshirts, caps, sleepwear, sportswear, an apron, children's and baby clothes, phone and tablet covers, various bags, drink-wear and even golf balls.

While many items offer a range of colours, light blue is the preferred colour. Also, be aware that, while we have attempted to deselect some unsuitable dark colours, this may not have taken, so please select these with care.

Please note, this links to a third party web site.

Also, while there is a choice of currency available, a better price may be obtained if you select United States Dollars.

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Some randomly selected samples from the collection...

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